Sunday, October 21, 2012

Yardworks 4-Ton Electric Log Splitter

This year Christmas came in October. I knew something was up when John called and was very evasive when I answered.  After we arrived in Powell River, I opened the car trunk, and there was a log splitter. Probably some women would think a log splitter is an unusual present, but for me (us actually) it's perfect.

Logs come in various sizes. We like skinny ones that only need to be cut with the chainsaw, but most are 25 centimetres (10-inches) in diameter, so they need splitting. Before, it was a two-person job. I held the ax and Wayne wielded a sledge hammer. It was hard and noisy (ear plug time) work. Now, with the push of a button and a lever, it's automatic. In one hour our new Yardworks 4-Ton Log Splitter from Canadian Tire did the work easily and quietly. Plus, John got it for us on sale for half price, $199!

Now our first batch of wood is spit and stacked in the floating wood shed, ready for winter.  Of course, there's lots more we need to cut and split.

As you know, we live in an off-the-grid float cabin. We have to run our electric splitter using a generator. Come back tomorrow for the rest of the story. -- Margy


  1. Happy early Christmas. That is a fantastic gift.

  2. That is so cool! Next time I'm in possession of a wood stove (some day, hopefully) I'm getting one.

    I can dream, can't I?

  3. Almost feels like cheating doesn't it? A real "Stihl" at $199!

  4. Great early Christmas present. It looks like a nice easy job to do. Looks nice in your shed.

  5. Susannah - Keep dreaming. I never imagined I would end up where I am today.

    Paul - Well yes, but my ears (especially)and arms thank me. One time I didn't wear ear defenders and they rang and buzzed for over a week.

    Thanks for the comments Crafty and Stephanie - Margy


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