Friday, October 12, 2012

Hazy Shade of Grey

After one of the longest lasting summers that I remember here in Powell River, we finally have our first major storm.  In fact, there are three scheduled to hit this weekend in waves only hours apart.  The first was fairly mild with a good soaking of rain. The next two are supposed to blast in with high winds.

Here's the Queen of Burnaby coming into the dock in Powell River. The cloudy skies made me think of the song title, Hazy Shade of Grey. -- Margy


  1. Dramatic gray sky. Hope it brings a rainbow in that beautiful horizon. Happy Sky Watch!

  2. We certainly needed the rain.

  3. Just goes to show that grey is not boring, lovely shot xxxx

  4. When I lived in BC, I used to call them "Beastly Ferries" but of course now I'm homesick for the BC Ferries and would happily put up with any number of line-ups and delays if I could be on the coast right now.

  5. Beautiful shots. Happy sky watching.



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