Saturday, October 27, 2012

National Cat Day

October 29, 2012, is National Cat Day.  I can't think of a better time to share the wonderful cat in our lives.  He goes by many names, Norwegian (he looks a bit like a Norwegian Forest Cat), Stick Tail, and recently Pepper and Kitty Cat.

Stick had a close encounter of the hurtful kind with a coyote.  Shortly thereafter, he came to us and we took him in.  The coyote had bitten off the tip of his tail, so we took him to the vet. His tail was promptly shaved and stitched, hence the name Stick Tail.

At the ripe old age of 12, he moved north from our home in Pomona, California, to live full time with my mother in Bellingham.  He didn't like the airplane ride under the seat, but settled into his new surroundings quickly.  Since then, Mom and Stick have been inseparable.

Now he's 18 and still going strong. Well, as long as he gets his cat naps.  Mom calls him Pepper (after a former black cat), or just Kitty Cat. Both are a bit deaf, so a lot of communication occurs through body language.

Stick is even more important now that Mom has lost her mobility. He keeps her company, entertained, and warm when he sleeps on her lap. I don't think he misses his outdoor wandering days one bit. Condo life seems to suit them both just fine.

Do you have a special cat in your life? Let us hear about him or her for this special day. -- Margy


  1. I didn't know this was National Cat Day. Ever since my Abby (calico) died, I have been asked if I have gotten another cat. It has been over a year... one day, the right kitty wall show her face to me.

  2. Anonymous10:29 AM

    Stick (or Pepper) has turned out to be a wonderful companion cat.
    I think the world of my two black and white cats.

  3. What a lucky kitty to have been rescued and loved. He sounds like a great companion for your mother.

  4. I had no idea about Cat Day. It was 12 years ago on that date we adopted our two cats at a rescue shelter in Abbottsford.

  5. Well I have had different special cats at different times in my life but none as great as Stick.
    My SIL loves cats so I will let her know about National Cat day. MB

  6. How wonderful for your mom to have such warm companionship. Ideal for Stick, too.
    It's been a long time since we had cats here, and I always say (and I'll say it again) I think Lindy would enjoy having her own cat to keep her company.

  7. Violet Sky - My first cat was a stray that walked into the elementary school where I worked as a kindergarten teacher back in 1980. Ever since, we've had either a cat that adopted us, or one we found in a shelter. I know the right one will come your way.

    Yes Stick has been a wonderful cat for us and now Mom. I asked Mom the other day who slept more, her or Stick. She laughed and said it was probably a draw.

    This is the first time I've heard about National Cat Day, too. I thought it was work sharing along with Mom's wonderful companion.


  8. I didn't know about Cat Day either!

    And speaking of aging cats... aka "vintage" as I call them... my little Wendy Kitty is either 16 or 17, and a only a few months ago our Tiger Lily (Wendy's Mom only by birth; they didn't get along) passed at the ripe age of 19! We suspect she was more like 20 though. (She adopted us when she was probably a year old).

    I hope you'll continue to share more photos of your cat. I LOVE the really fluffy felines, as I've only ever had short-hairs and I'm afraid Wendy will be the last cat I'll ever have.


  9. dear sweet friend

  10. Now my cats will be upset with me that I missed National Cat Day. Looks like this furry cat found a great home. I don't think my Spunky Doodle misses the outdoors too much either.

  11. What sweet pics of him keeping your Mom company!

  12. Our lovely cats. They are amazing critters.
    Love seeing them being with people who aren't 100% healthy.
    Our local long-term care has two that live on the bottom floor!
    Cheers from Cottage Country!


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