Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Spud Gloves

I grow potatoes in pots on the deck. When it's time to dig them, I get out my spud gloves. Actually, they're latex gloves I buy at the drug store.  I have a hard time working in regular gardening gloves. They're too bulky for me to feel what I'm doing.
The thin latex ones (or nitrile if you have latex allergies) feel almost like a second skin.  Yes, I do sweat inside, but once I'm done digging I can peel them off and my fingernails don't end up caked in crud.

When I dig in the garden bare handed, it takes days of scrubbing to get my hands clean. Now a good washing with soap and hot water does the trick.

Do you have any good gardening tips to share? -- Margy


  1. That is a great tip that I'll put into practice next gardening season. I find gardening gloves bulky as well and usually end up taking them off. I have found that pushing your fingernails into a bar of soap helps with the dirt. The soap sticks under your nails and the dirt clings to that and it is easy to wash off.

  2. Shhh I pinch plastic gloves from the garages when I fill up with petrol! However, if you don't have gloves, rub baby oil into your hands and cleaning will be easy (this works with other dirty jobs like painting etc) xxxx

  3. Crafty and Fran - Those are great tips I'll have to remember. This week the asparagus ferns come down and I will take out a bed of unproductive strawberries. Too much space to waste on something that isn't working. - Margy

  4. Good tips from you and your readers, Margy. We always have a box of latex gloves under the kitchen sink for dog-walking trips, or, similarly, for cleaning up the back yard where the dog spends a lot of time sunbathing.

  5. That’s good because at least you wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning your gloves afterwards. I read about someone who recently found out that latex gloves are good for gardening (as long as you aren’t allergic) and she was so grateful about it!

    Malinda Chaudhry


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