Saturday, October 06, 2012

Coastal BC Animals: River Otters

River Otters

I was standing at the kitchen sink and saw something swimming towards me. I guessed Merganser ducks since they are quite common, but when I got the binoculars, much to my surprise, it was three River Otters heading my way.

They swam at a fast pace, quickly dove under the log boom surrounding our cabin's water lot, and then under the cedar log float.  I didn't want to scare them, so I walked as quietly as possible to get my camera and go outside.

I could hear them underneath splashing around and making soft grunting sounds. One almost came out, but when I moved he ducked back under the cabin's float.  We played "cat and mouse" for over half an hour. But when I was out back, they slipped out the front. Before I could get there, they were outside the breakwater and heading away.

All I got were a few long distance shots. Maybe there'll be a next time. -- Margy


  1. elusive little otters, I think they were playing a game with you,

  2. Ah Margy, what fun to see these fun creatures. You got some shots so that was good. They were playing with you and thought you were playing with them. MB

  3. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Otters are the cutest little things!

  4. Hi Margy, These are neat is hard to catch these little critters for sure. Really nice photos of the Lake and you are right about getting some wood in for the winter. It has been a wonderful Fall hasn't it? Thank you kindly for your comments on my blog. Have a good weekend! John

  5. Still a beautiful captures.

    Hopping here from Camera Critters
    Have a great weekend!

  6. They are cute critters. We saw some sea otters out near Royston yesterday.

  7. I was also trying to get some shots of otters lately...they move too fast...wonderful shots ...we hope to get to Powell River one day...Thanks for your comment on my blog..I always love comments...

  8. so interesting and beautiful!

    thanks for sharing:)


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