Monday, October 22, 2012

Mastercraft Gas-Powered Generator

Yesterday you read about our new Yardworks 4-ton electric log splitter. Wayne and John talked about whether or not our Coleman 1850 watt generator would power the unit. They agreed it would be on the ragged edge.  When we hooked it all up, the Coleman just didn't have enough juice to get the splitter's engine to turn over.

The next day, John came back with a rented Honda 2800. That did the trick and we got our stack of logs split.  That same day, John brought a clipping from the Canadian Tire add for a Mastercraft 3300 watt generator. It was on sale for $297.  Wayne went down the lake to town the next day to get the last one in the stock.

It was heavy, but Wayne got it into the truck, down the dock to the boat, and up to the cabin.  I gave a little assistance, and we put it in the back of the Gemini writer's retreat.  That's a handy location to power the splitter on the wood float and anything extra needed on the cabin's back deck. It also adds some extra ballast for the Gemini that no longer has an engine. 

For about $500, we got a wood splitting system that will pay for itself in one season. Not bad, if you ask me.  I'll take Christmas in October any day. -- Margy


  1. It also probably means an extra trip or two back to town to replenish the fuel for the thing during wood-cutting season! :D

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