Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bedding Down for the Winter

It was time for my garden to go to bed for the winter. On the few sunny days I had at the cabin last week, I worked hard to get the last of my produce out (potatoes and garlic) and seeds saved (carrots and beans). Once that was done, the herbs were trimmed and the asparagus ferns cut down.

My raised beds on the garden float are only about 10 inches deep. I worry about my asparagus roots freezing and getting damaged. So each year when I cut the ferns down, I save the feathery tops to place on top for mulch. In addition, this year I pulled up part of my old strawberry bed (it needs to be replaced with younger stock), and spread the leaves under the fern tops for extra protection.

So far mulching has worked well, and in late May the new asparagus shoots are ready for a tasty meal.

This has been a record year for my floating garden. It made the news in:

It'll be a hard (but fun) year to follow. -- Margy


  1. That all looks neat and tidy. I love asparagus but unfortunately I have developed quite a violent allergic reaction to it :( x

  2. Fran - I feel fortunate that I can eat just about anything I like. ON the other hand, my tummy shows it. - Margy


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