Friday, September 09, 2011

Up Above and Down Below

The sky above my floating cabin on Powell Lake in Coastal BC gives me lots of opportunities for spectacular cloud shots.

Right in front of my cabin is Goat Island. This time of year the sun rises in the middle notch at about 9:00 a.m. Here you can see a mackerel sky just after our sunrise. When the lake is calm, we get a mirror reflection of the sky. Here's the mackerel sky framed by the brow log of our cedar log float structure.

Whether it is up above, or down below, the sky at our cabin home is always picturesque. -- Margy


  1. The mackeral sky is brilliant. love the reflection in the water.

  2. Very nice photos, especially I like the second.


  3. sunrise at 9am - wow - nice if there's no commute to work

  4. That is a late sunrise, but I remember watching the sunrise above a mountain in Switzerland the same way. Intrigueing photo, especially the reflections pic. Does the lake ever get rough enough to make you feel sea-sick in your cabin?

  5. Thanks everyone for stopping by to comment on my SWF post this week.

    Jackie - We do get wave action during big storms, but our 40X40 cedar log float rides well and doesn't bother our stomachs. The wind is a bigger problem. It pushes us back and forth with a punch. It is scary, but we are built strong to take it.


  6. Love the post! The reflection is really great. Got sky watch and weekend reflection in one.


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