Friday, September 30, 2011

Stormy Weather

This time of year our weather swings from stormy to sunny. At the beginning of the week it was wet and windy. Looking towards Grief Point you could see the clouds building to a climax.

And the ocean was responding with rough seas not fit for man or boat.

Take a look at my post from Wednesday to see how this tug struggled with his load waiting for better weather. -- Margy


  1. Stormy PNW skies and waters are invigorating! Enjoy the day.

  2. Your weather is similar to ours.Sunny one minute then dark clouds then wind then sun and over again.
    One never knows what to wear or how far to stray from home!
    Enjoy your views over the weekend..may the skies be filled with sunshine!

  3. Very dramatic pictures, lovely. We are bathing in sunshine at the moment with temperatures around 28 degrees. We have had cold, wet weather all summer and now this. Mind you, I am not complaining xxx

  4. Our skies look like this, too. Stormy weather!

    I had a lovely cup of tea and cookies at my new client's home yesterday. Housebound, we chatted about bats in our belfry, broken sump pumps, sons and grandkids, and wood stoves! We laughed long and hard. What a delightful visit I had! I feel so good about it. She told my supervisor she wondered what we'd talk about!

  5. Very good photos.

    Regards and best wishes

  6. Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting on my SWF post.

    Fran - Take it while you can get it. Our summer was late and short, but we are still having mild weather between storms.

    Jenn - You are so wonderful to do all the hospice work you do. I am sure your client had a wonderful chat and I know you made her feel comfortable.



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