Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stick Speaks Out

Hi. My name is Stick Tail, but Mommy calls me Kitty Cat and sometimes Pepper. I came to live with her in 2007 when we all moved from Los Angeles to Bellingham, Washington. My relocation was touted as "retirement," but I've been on the job ever since. You can read more about it here.

One year ago this coming week, Mommy was rushed to the hospital for back surgery. For the week she was in the hospital and the following three weeks of inpatient rehab, I bunked in with Wayne and Margy. But I sent this picture to go on the wall next to Mommy's bed, begging her to get well soon. I really missed her!

I was so glad when I heard she was finally coming home to live with me again. Little did I know that things were going to be very different. Instead of walking through the door, she came in a big, black, scary chair with wheels. I didn't want my already shortened tail (thanks to a coyote in LA) to get stuck in that! But when Mommy got in her regular chair in the living room, I felt like she was really home to stay.

My "furby" kind of love has been crucial in Mommy's recovery. Recently she gave up the hospital bed and bought us a larger one so we can cuddle like the old days.

And I've gotten better about welcoming guests into our home. First came the visiting nurses and therapists, and now Home Attendant Care assistants regularly join us. And Wayne and Margy are around more often to make sure I get my "three squares" plus snacks a day.

Mommy leaves me home alone somethings to go to rehab with Kenny at the St. Joseph Medical Center South Campus. He's helping her to learn how to stand and walk again, so I'm OK with that. Mommy sure is a trooper for being 95 years young. I hope I'm as determined at that age.

Do you have a working critter in your home? I'd love to hear his or her story. -- Stick Tail (Kitty Cat)


  1. Oh, Stick, you are wonderful to take such good care of your mommy when Margy and Wayne can't be there all the time. You're a beautiful cat, and I know they all love you SO much.
    Our dog Lindy isn't working — yet. We're thinking of having her trained and registered as a therapy dog, so she can help people the way you help your mom. She'd enjoy it, and so would we.
    And yes, your mom is amazing for her age.
    — Kay and Dick

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Margy, take care. Walked in your shoes. Passed off dad's dog, and put down mom's peeing cat. sigh.

  3. This was lovely, Margy...and Stick, you're a beautiful cat. It appears you take very good care of your Mom. She looks so beautiful...I want to look that well when I'm 95!

    Cats are awesome...the best pet, in my mind! xx

  4. Stick Tail, you sound like a wonderful friend for your Mommy! I sure hope your Mommy learns to walk again.

  5. Kay - They train service dogs at rehab where Mom goes, and a few of the other clients have dogs come with them. I am sure Lindy would make a great service dog. She is so loving.

    Jenn - Having read your book "Living and Dying with Dignity," I know you've been there. If any of my other readers are interested, here is a link:

    Marion and EG Wow - Yes, Stick is a very special little guy. And he's almost as old as Mom in cat years, we estimate he's about 15 now.


  6. What a wonderful story, cats and dogs are wonderful companions through good and bad times. I'm glad to see your mom is doing well.

  7. Gosh, pet therapy is a beautiful thing. Our are great helpers in the forest. We walk all the time.
    Today I post of trees. Trees - our four sisters .

    Good work caregiving. Great is your reward...
    Cheers from Perth!


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