Wednesday, September 07, 2011

"Starting Out in the Afternoon" by Jill Frayne

As I've mentioned, I like reading books about the regions I know and love, or places I would like to explore. Recently I was exploring Kindle books online and found Starting Out in the Afternoon: A Mid-Life Journey into Wild Land by Jill Frayne.

I selected her book for some additional reasons: Jill took the journey on her own (inspiring to me), and she is a female author writing a memoir (something I hope to do in the future).

Jill was coming to changes in her life including an ending relationship and a daughter coming of age. She takes this time to strike out on her own to explore her own desires and abilities. She packs up her car with camping gear and heads out on her own to Northern British Columbia, Alaska, and the Yukon. I call my solo excursions "freedom trips," but I've never dreamed of or done anything quite as extensive.

Jill first camped her way across Canada from her home in Ontario. Her first destination is Haida Gwaii for a grueling two-week kayak adventure. Then it's up the Inside Passage with only a bike for transportation. On this portion of the trip, she takes a side excursion to Atlin. Jill falls in love with this isolated, rural small town and returns many times over the next ten years. I can relate to that. It's almost like our accidental discovery of Powell River and instant attraction.

Jill is both adventurous and cautious at the same time. She puts herself in situations that stretch her abilities to the max. She enjoys the solitude of the wilderness, but desires human interaction along the way. Her story struck many common threads in my life. That made it even more enjoyable to read.

You can purchase Starting Out in the Afternoon in both print and Kindle formats at

Disclaimer: The photos come from my travels and are used as examples only. -- Margy


  1. In like the kayak shot Margy, and the bottom one looks awful familiar.

  2. Hi Paul - The kayaks are from a tour group in the north bay at Mittlenatch Island, the tent is along the shore of Horseshoe Lake from one of our kayak camping trips, and the forest scene is from the trail behind Edgehill School. You have a great eye. - Margy

  3. Great blog about Jill Frayne's novel. I just finished reading this book, and was doing a little researching. Came across your blog, and I think you do a fine job of summarizing it! All the best, Claire

  4. Thanks Claire. I enjoy reading about adventurous people and this was a great read. - Margy


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