Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Historic Fairhaven

Bellingham has it's old town sections. One is called Fairhaven. It's a quaint district along the bay with historic brick buildings, restaurants of all types, and numerous little businesses perfect for window shopping.

This monument commemorating the city's start sits in front of an old warehouse on the seawalk/bike path. It's a lovely place for a stroll and picture taking. Fairhaven was established in 1883 by the principal land owner Daniel Jefferson Harris in hopes that it would become the western terminus of the Great Northern Railroad. It didn't and the once booming turn of the century town fell on hard times.

Fairhaven is a favourite place for several blogging friends to meet. Mary Beth comes a little ways north from Stanwood to meet up with Betty and me for several hours of coffee, sweet treats, and browsing. Several of our favourite haunts are the Eclipse Bookstore and Village Books (makes us sound a bit high brow), and Avenue Bread (for our coffee, treats and a loaf for later).

You can find Betty at her blog called Mud Creek Mama. Mary Beth has several blogs. I don't know how she does it. One is more than I can handle. She has Small City Scenes of Stanwood, Holy Houses, day4plus, and Country Charm. Do you have any blogging friends you meet with? What kinds of things do you do? - Margy


  1. Hi Margy -- I can't remember the last time I was in that part of Bellingham. In fact, the last time I was in Bellingham, I got lost. I'll blame the GPS.
    I haven't met any of my blogging buddies yet (except aka Penelope, whom I've known for 30-some years) but we have dates to meet Kay of Kay's Musings and her husband Art in Honolulu next week, and Mara of Weighty Matters in Amsterdam in the spring. Penelope and I are also planning to get together with Lynette of Imagination Lane next time I'm out at the coast. Maybe you could come up to White Rock and join us? We'll see. If I remember to take my passport, I could come down to Bellingham to go bookstore hopping with you! Not quite the same as visiting you up at the lake, but easier to get there.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. What fun to meet up with fellow bloggers for hours of coffee, treats and browsing.

  3. Kay - A meet up sounds fun. A drive north to White Rock would be easy. Wayne went there for lunch on his last trip south from Powell River. We want to go there the next time the Snow Birds fly an exhibition. We've seen them at Abbotsford and during training runs at Comox. They are my favourite flight team. Or if you prefer Bellingham that's fine too.

    Thanks for stopping by Lesley. Yes, it is fun to meet blogging friends in real life if it is possible. -- Margy

  4. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Hello again! I forgot that you lived in Bellingham! Its great to see another B'hampster online.

    I Love Fairhaven, what a beautiful part of bellingham, my favorite!

    I just recently met a couple blogging friends, but it was on our trip to the Southwest. They both live in Arizona. I do not have any blogging friends in this area.

    Lovely to see your blog again!


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