Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Friends, Coffee and Lots of Books

You've met my good friend Betty from Bellingham. At her blog, she is also known as Mud Creek Mama. We met several years ago online and have been getting together for coffee in Old Fairhaven ever since. We like to window shop and grab a cup of coffee.

This time someone new joined us. That's Mary Beth. I follow her blog Small City Scenes of Stanwood. Stanwood isn't too far from here. In fact, when Wayne and I took our kayak trip down the Skagit we were pretty close. As you can see, it is beautiful farm country. You can also follow her at day4plus. I don't know how she does it. I can't keep up with one blog.

This week we all decided to meet in real life.

We started with a coffee and sweet treat at Avenue Bread, then headed for Eclipse, my favourite used bookstore. The proprietor took this picture of the three blogger friends. Betty's on the left, Mary Beth is in the middle, and yours truly is on the right. We had lots of fun talking and getting to know each other better.

Have you met any online friends in real life? Tell us your story. -- Margy


  1. With friends and in a book shop, my idea of heaven! It looks like you were all having a great time. I haven't yet met any of my on line friends, but am hoping to take a trip to Europe to meet one soon. Speak soon. x

  2. Looks like great fun, Margy. Just like Fran, I love the book store idea.
    I haven't met any of my new blogger friends yet, but I'm hoping to meet you some day (hint, hint) when I'm home in BC visiting, and there are talks and tentative plans underway for meeting another new blogger friend together with my longtime friend a.k.a. Penelope next time I'm in her neigborhood.
    -- K

  3. What fun Margy. I bet you gals have a lot in common. Love that bookstore!

  4. How fun! You gals look like you're having a great time! I've had the pleasure of spending a couple hours with Mary Beth, too. Maybe next time I can join the party. :-)

  5. Fran - Sounds like a long way to travel. Are you going on a trip anyway? Should be fun. I've never been to Europe.

    Kay - Hope we can meet when you are in BC. That would be fun.

    Lorie - The Eclipse bookstore is hard to pass up. It has two floor of the best collection of books. The only bad thing is that there is SO much. But that makes it good to visit lots of times.

    lizziviggi - We'll let you know the next meet up plans. It would be fun to add to our growing crew. - Margy

  6. What a nice time we had it was so good to get together and have a few laughs. The pictures are good. I love our "coffee" time.
    Love Hugs and Good Thoughts

  7. As always, I really enjoy our visits. Looks like we have someone new that would like to join us as well, lizziviggi from here in Bellingham. I'll be back in November. I'll give everyone a heads up when the plans get a little more firm. - Margy

  8. That sounds great the more the merrier.


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