Monday, February 09, 2009

The Eclipse Bookstore Overshadows All Others

Today I met my good friend Betty (better known as Mud Creek Mama) for coffee and shopping in Historic Fairhaven, just south of downtown Bellingham. There are lots of great restaurants, shops, book stores and, in the summer months, the farmer's market. Today our destination was the Eclipse Bookstore at 1104 11th Street (360-647-8165).

The Eclipse Bookstore has an amazing amount and variety of books covering the two floors of the establishment. Because it's a used book store, the prices are very reasonable. It takes tiptoes to see the volumes on the top shelves, but the easiest way to get to the bottom of things is to pull up a piece of carpet and settle yourself down on the floor.

David, the proprietor, has arranged the books neatly on shelves by topic. Just ask and he will lead you to the section you desire. You can't see all that the Eclipse Bookstore has to offer in one visit. Visit often and take your time to really enjoy the experience. Today I found two interesting books:

  • Woman in the Bush by Jeanne Connolly Harbottle and Fern Grice Credeur about a young bride's journey into the Yukon wilderness in the 1940s.
  • Bright's Crossing by Anne Cameron (a Powell Riverite) which is a collection of Coastal BC short stories told through the eyes of eleven women.
To fortify ourselves before wandering the shelves, we stopped across the street at Avenue Bread (1135 11th Street). In addition to their wonderful fresh breads (I chose the seed covered baguette - YUM), they have a small cafe. We could have chosen soup, salad or sandwiches to go with our coffee, but opted for some of the fresh baked treats. I got the cinnamon twist. It was so crisp and flaky (double YUM).

Head on down to Historic Fairhaven for a good read and a good feed. -- Margy


  1. That is so cool. I did have a great time today walking and talking with you and our goodies were yummie.Looking forward to our next adventure.
    ~~ Your friend Betty~~

  2. Hey Betty - It's always fun when we get together. Thanks for enjoying a wonderful store (and coffee shop) with me. - Margy

  3. I'm coming up! This is my kind of bookstore.
    Margy, I've been so enjoying your comments about growing up in Compton. I lived in Hawthorne when I 1st started working in '81 and would go to Manhattan Beach often. Manhattan Beach mall was new then, with Buffums and Tequila Willy's - we used to go there after work.
    I've been swamped lately and just saw the wonderful pictures you've posted lately.
    BTW - my husband and my son both are enjoying reading bits from Up the Airway. There is a landing strip that the Boeing soaring club used to frequent up there that's in the book.

  4. Your outing and foray in the bookstore sure looked fun. The books you picked up are just what I like to read. We are going to be in the Bellingham area sometime later this year and I am going to be certain to visit the Eclipse Bookstore!

    Your previous post about the Skyway Cafe and your favorite Wonton soup has set the tone for our dinner tonight. I have all the ingredients needed to make it on hand and since it is snowing right now here at Tramp's Camp, soup sounds like just the perfect thing.

    Tramp 2

  5. That's my kind of bookstore too. I'm coming up too. Thanks for stopping by my frugal blog.

  6. Sounds like you had a great day in Bellingham. I wish you could have come to my book talk at Village Books so I could meet you! Oh well. Another time, maybe.

  7. I've never seen such a huge bookstore!


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