Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Special Friendship

I would like to introduce a special friend who has helped me immensely over the last ten months. Her name is Jeanne. She started as a good friend of my husband Wayne. In fact, on our first date, Jeanne brought cookies for our flight to Catalina Island.

Over the years, we've shared our home and lived near each other. Last January, Jeanne chose to move to Bellingham and found a place across the hall from Mom. Jeanne is a great cook and baker. In fact, she makes most of our dinners when we are in town. When she isn't making something gourmet from scratch, you might find her in one of the local bakeries or specialty shops.

It was fun to have Jeanne come to Powell River to see our special home up the lake. While she was there, she got her first taste of quad riding. Jeanne rode Wayne's red Kodiak and, for a change, I got to be the lead. She also got to go to a Kings hockey game with our good friends Dave and Marg -- friends meeting friends.

When Mom was in the hospital and rehab, Jeanne came to visit all the time. She brought Mom little treats. With all that yucky hospital food, they were really appreciated. Mom also enjoyed all the gossip Jeanne brought from the condo coffee klatches. Jeanne's visits helped Mom reconnect with her life before back surgery. That was a very important part of the healing process.

Now that we are home, Jeanne has become one of the family. She fixes Mom's breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She runs errands, helps with cleaning, and most importantly, shares her time with Mom. They are good friends, and that makes Jeanne an even more special friend of mine.

Do you have a special friend? I sure hope so. -- Margy


  1. Margy, it's interesting you should ask. I just got off the phone after talking with my best friend who is going through a very trying time. She is executor for a friend who died last week, and for her uncle, who is dying now. We may not see one another for a year or two, and we may not talk for a week or two, but when one of us is having a crisis, we each know who to call.
    It's wonderful to know Jeanne is so good to your mother, and to you. A very special friendship!
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. What a lovely post, Margy. I'm so glad you have Jeanne there to be with you Mom when you cannot be. She looks really kind and cheerful...the kind of person I would love to have around if I were ill.

    I have a friend I might see once a year but it makes no difference...we know each other inside and out. It's really wonderful to have a friend like that!!

  3. Kay and Marion - It is so good to have those special friends that you know are there no matter what and when. Friends need care and nurturing. I need to remember that, especially when things are so busy. - Margy


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