Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Shopping in Historic Fairhaven

Today I met my good friend Betty for a day of shopping (mostly window style) and camaraderie. Betty and I met through my blog. In fact, she is my most faithful reader! We discovered we lived in the same town, so decided to get together in real life. It has been great fun.

One of our favourite places to meet is Historic Fairhaven. In 1889, the railroad was coming, and Fairhaven grew rapidly, hoping to become the west coast terminus. The railroad connection never worked out, so the new town turned to the sea and fishing for its economic base. In its heyday, Fairhaven was a bustling town of hotels, shops, saloons and brothels. Today, the brothels are gone, but the rich heritage of hotels, shops, restaurants and nightlife remains. And Fairhaven has achieved its original goal of becoming a tranportation center with its Alaska Ferry, Amtrak and bus terminal.

One stop in Fairhaven that we love to make is the Eclipse Bookstore at 1104 11th Street. The Eclipse Bookstore is amazing with its vast variety of books covering the two floors of the establishment. Because it's a used book store, the prices are also amazingly low. Today, I got three books by R.D. Lawrence, a renowned Canadian author.

To fortify ourselves before wandering the shelves, we stopped in at Avenue Bread at 1135 11th Street. Avenue Bread is across the street and within easy walking distance. In addition to their wonderful fresh breads (I chose the sourdough with rosemary - YUM), they have a small cafe. We could have chosen soup, salad or sandwiches to go with our coffee, but opted for some of the fresh baked treats. Betty had the ham and cheese croissant and I got the cinnamon twist (double YUM).

A trip to Fairhaven wouldn't be complete without a visit to Village Books at 1200 11th Street. They have mostly new books, but you will also find good used books among the collection. Stop by and check them out.

Do you have an favourite stores or restaurants in Fairhaven?-- Margy


  1. Anonymous7:31 AM

    I am a little behind on posting comments. It was so nice to catch up in person. It was a lovely day and the rosemery bread was very good. A nice crusty bread is just what you need to go with a hardy soup. I have read all of Waynes books and can hardly wait for the next one. I am also looking forward to our next coffee time.

  2. I grew up visiting Fairhaven on daytrips with my parents. Thanks for writing this - you've reminded me why I need to go back and visit Bellingham!

  3. Anonymous1:35 PM


    Thanks for the nice comments about Village Books. Please say hi next time you're in.


  4. I thought you lived in Powell River! Are you only there in the summers?

  5. Greetings from a Torontonian.

    You have a great blog, loyal audience and simple design. All these are my envy (envy that which is not evil one).
    My Library and information blogs, I feel, deserve your visit.

    Keep up the good job.

  6. Anonymous11:00 AM

    I agree, I always have to go into Village Books whenever we walk around Fairhaven too. It's a beautiful little community.

  7. Nice note you found one new friend nearby. Great to spend sometime in your world.

  8. looks like an interesting place to visit. i would definitely love to explore more of the place. thanks for sharing.

  9. Sounds like my kind of place, for sure!

  10. Thanks to everyone who stopped by my corner of the world this week. I enjoyed teleporting over to yours as well. - Margy


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