Saturday, November 20, 2010

Snow Dog

Where our good friend John goes, so goes Bro. Or maybe it is the other way around. Sometimes it's hard to tell.

When John takes his quad for a ride into the bush, he's never alone. Right behind in his own handmade plush box is John's Black Lab named Bro.

Bro likes riding in all types of weather, but his favourite seems to be winter. He's a true "Snow Dog."

The only thing that Bro doesn't like about snow is when it rains down on his head from alders weighed down with a fresh accumulation of the white stuff. First it lands on his head, and then it piles up in his box. Between stops, it makes for a cold nose and butt.

John is always looking for ways to keep Bro warm and comfortable on the trail. A sweater and raincoat keep his body warm. Then there's a hoodie for his head and ears. It may not look dignified, but seems to be a welcome addition to his winter attire.

When he reaches the destination for the day, Bro knows there will be a tasty lunch of crunchy dry food topped with tongue licking good sardines. For dessert there will be pieces of John's sandwich, cookies and muffin. When the meal is done, he enjoys sharing the spectacular views with his human buddy. Man truly is dog's best friend.

Do you know someone who has a pet partner like Bro? Tell us their story. -- Margy


  1. Love the photos, Margy--you already know I'm a fan of dog clothes. I'll be back!

  2. This is truly a heartwarming post! That dog is adorable in his cozy warm attire. And you've got to love a guy who's that caring about his best pet partner.

    My daughter, Jennie, has a cat (named Eva) and a dove (named Bob). They are her children, so to speak. And Bob and Eva are friends.

    Bob spends a lot of time outside his cage just prancing around the house...often badgering Eva who tries her best to ignore him.

    He has no idea that she could just smack him into smithereens if she chose. The three of them are truly a family. I've posted photos of them on Camera Critters in the past.

  3. Cheryl - sounds like your daughter has some interesting pets with a unique attachment to each other. Reminds me of one time I brought a hamster home from school for the holidays. It got out of the cage and met my cat on the stairs. Rather than running it raised itself up on its hind legs and hissed at the cat. She didn't know what to make of it and that gave me enough time to scoop up the hamster and get it safely back in the cage. I am sure if it had run, that would have been the end of it. - Margy

  4. Anonymous9:55 PM

    What a wonderful companion! My dog, Oscar, loves the snow - without any attire except his own fur. Somehow he never seems to feel the cold.

  5. Great story about bro and I love the photos. Labs are great dogs.

  6. I enjoyed this story about Bro. I'm so glad Bro doesn't mind wearing the hoodie. SMART dog, if you ask me!

  7. Wonderful dog and a wonderful world you live in, Margy. I have a special dog to, but she's had so many medical and anxiety problems as a result of being abused in her puppyhood I know she'd never survive your bruising conditions there.
    Nice to drop in and see you here. I came via Fran from Bonnie of Clyde.

  8. Love the pictures. My dog loves the snow but he's part Husky so keeping him warm is never a problem.

  9. Bro is a sweetheart. Labs don't have much hair, but they sure are gung-ho for anything that smacks of adventure. I think the hoodie is a great idea, and he looks good in it.
    Super post, Margy, I really enjoyed it. (You probably knew I would. LOL)
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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