Saturday, September 18, 2010

"New" Cabin Deck

Our float cabin was built by our good friend John in 1998 from the cedar log float up. We knew the logs were reused, but didn't know the whole story until Wayne and John had their overnight quad adventure. It was a helicopter landing pad when Salisbury did shake block logging.

Our cabin deck is twelve years old and starting to show its age. Liquidation World had wood stain available at $9.99 a gallon so we decided to paint our deck to see if we can get a few more years of service out of it.

We used a brush to paint the edges, knots and deep cracks. Then each section got two coats of stain. The stain dried in four hours, but we had to wait 24 to put on the second coat and then another 24 to put all of our stuff back. We picked beige to make it light and bright. I liked the natural colour, but it was too late to use a clear stain. Maybe next time when the deck is new.

After a week, we have what looks like a new deck. We aren't sure how much longer our $150 investment will last, but it was worth a try. Have you ever put stain on a deck? Did it help preserve the wood? Did you think it was worth the effort? -- Margy


  1. Looks amazing! I think we will have to do the same very soon. I guess dry weather is required to put the stain on? The diver that helped us with out float barrels just replaced his whole deck but he stained the planks at home first. It cost him a small fortune so hopefully your 150.00 investement will give your existing deck many more years.

  2. Looks great! Yes, we've stained and sealed decks in the past and it really does help. Your cabin looks like such a wonderful life!

  3. Wow! What an improvement. It looks brand new. Great handy work.

  4. Thanks guys - a bit of work paid off I think. Time will tell. - Margy

  5. So how’s the deck today? If it’s still alright, then your 150 bucks did go a long way. Even an extension of a year and a half is good enough. So that means that your deck is now 14 years old with minimum repairs. You definitely squeezed all the good out of that investment! If the time comes when you do have to do a major overhaul, you can rest on the fact that it has served you for quite a long time without being a pain at all.


  6. Leif - Based on your occupation, thank you for your comment. Yes, our deck is still doing well. But we did stain it again using redwood color. We like that a lot better. - Margy


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