Monday, September 20, 2010

Mr. Fix-It Man

Float cabins sometimes need a little help with the float part. Cedar is well known for its buoyancy and resistance to water-logging, but even 40-foot logs will sink over time. In the "old days," they used to shove a dry log underneath to raise a float back up. Now, plastic 55-gallon barrels and 275-gallon plastic totes are used to give that added boost.

Watch later this week for a post about the whole process. But before we could begin, we needed a compressor to fill our barrels with air. That's where Mr. Fix-It Man comes in. Of course, that's our good friend John. If it needs to be done, he can do it. And coaxing an ancient compressor he found in the bush back to life was right up his alley.

Here's a short video of Mr. Fix-it Man, er John, in action.

If only we could learn a tenth of what he knows! -- Margy


  1. Aren't you lucky to have John? Do you think he'd like to travel to eastern Alberta? My husband is a great guy but about the farthest thing from a Mr. Fix-it you can imagine.
    Looking forward to the rest of the story, Margy!
    -- K

  2. Once we thought it would be a good idea for John to visit us in Los Angeles to help do some house repairs. That was before we really knew him. It's a big trip for him to go to Vancouver Island let alone the big city of Vancouver. Besides, we need him here nearby. You never know when you might need a fix-it man. - Margy

  3. What a wonder he is, not many men like him around any more, most of us just replace things as they break down.


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