Monday, September 27, 2010

"New" Cabin Deck Update

I had to go down to my former school district to help out with a few consulting projects. Wayne said he had to stay behind to mow the lawn. Now, I don't think I'm dumb enough to buy that excuse, but he did use his "time alone" wisely.

I've already shared how we painted our cabin's cedar deck with wood stain. We still needed to do our shed and bridge to shore. But rather than make everything beige, we decided to accent it with redwood.

We still have a bit to go, but this is a great start. Nice work Wayne! Lookin' good. -- Margy


  1. Mow the lawn! Gotta give the man an A for effort.
    Yes, the redwood color looks good, but I just realized I'll never be able to come to visit you, Margy. Look at those pictures. Look at all those steps. And that skinny plank for walking! Makes me nervous all the way from Alberta. ;~)
    -- K

  2. Kay - You don't have to go up the stairs to enjoy cabin life. As the old saying goes, where there's a will, there's a way. But of course with all your traveling you already know that. - Margy

  3. The more I see of your floating cabin, the more I love it. You have so much lovely outside space not to mention that backdrop. Hope you are well. xxx

  4. Oh, I like that! But do you guys ever rest?

  5. Looks marvelous! The deck especially. Are you going to put a railing around it so you don't fall in the lake when it get icy? LOL

  6. Fran - It is lots of fun, but your barge is such an exciting adventure. I like following your renovations.

    Lizziviggi - Yes, most of the time. Fortunately a little work goes a long way.

    Lorac - So funny. I can just see us skating off the edge. We'll be careful.


  7. Wasn't the grass too wet for Wayne to mow???

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