Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hand Painted Spice Containers

The other day I was visiting Nydia's blog called Bringing Up Salamanders. She posted about crafting and how her tore on Etsy is doing quite well. I mentioned that I'd been doing a bit of crafting and she was so gracious to ask about it. So Nydia, this post's for you.

At the cabin, I've recycled old spice containers and have been living with hand written labels. I decided to spruce things up a bit. I left the original labels on and paint them with two coats of acrylic paint. Then I paint the spice's name and an illustration to make a new label. I think they came out pretty attractive. Now that's recycling with style.

Do you recycle and repurpose? What are some of your recycling endeavors?

Visit Craft Room De-Stash Challenge at Stone Cottage Adventures and their Facebook page for more repurposing craft ideas. -- Margy


  1. Nicely done, you clever woman!

  2. Hi Margy --
    You recycle with style, my husband recycles with a vengeance. First, he recycles EVERYthing, which is great, but where does he put it? First, I bought him a white cabinet with six compartments, so he had a place for everything and everything in its place. But it is in the den, right beside the kitchen. So everything has to be washed, because it will go into the cabinet, never to emerge until he has what he deems "enough" to take to the recycling bins in the nearby city. It would begin to smell awful if things weren't washed or at least energetically rinsed. Then the cabinet wasn't large enough, so he began using cardboard boxes in front of the cabinet, which looked awful (although they didn't smell) so I got nice-looking containers with lids for him to fill. Now he piles the cardboard boxes on top of the containers.
    It gets worse.
    When he does decide to do something with the contents of the cabinet, the containers and the cardboard boxes, he moves it all to the back door, which, in this house is in the LIVING ROOM. So then I have piles of recyclables in my living room, waiting for him to take them out to the shed, where he will leave them for months or years at a time until he again decides he has "enough"!
    I believe in recycling, but I want to choke the person who invented it.
    PS -- we have at least one and maybe two companies in our town who will pick up recyclables once a week, but my husband prefers what he calls "doing it himself" (if only he would do it all the way from the den to the shed in one go).
    Sigh again.

  3. Oh Margy, they are wonderful. I love them, and what a fabulous way to spend time at the cabin. I some painting materials at the cabin but so far I've not done anything with them. I used a pair of Art's old jeans and turned them into a purse but it's a bit "young" for me, so it just hangs in the closet...I'll have to find a young gal to give it to.

  4. Came out OUTSTANDING! Very clever and very creative.


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