Saturday, September 11, 2010

Preserving: Freezer Storage

Every year it's the same. My peppers and tomatoes just start producing, and I have to leave for an extended trip to the States. At least with all the warm weather in August, we got a few fresh ones to enjoy.

Yesterday I went out and stripped all of my tomato and pepper plants and took everything to town for preserving.

I put my green tomatoes in the refrigerator hoping they won't ripen until I return. I cut the large peppers in half, cleaned and froze them for future stuffed peppers.

The rest I froze in containers for handy soup starters. I had some leftover celery (store bought), zucchini, banana peppers, plus my tomatoes and bell peppers.

I cut them all into bite-size pieces and layered them in my Bernardin Freezer Jars (Ball brand in the States). These are handy to stack in the condo freezer, but take too much room up at the cabin. I take one at a time up there to have on hand for winter soups. The rest remain in town waiting their turn.

Do you do any freezer preserving? What kinds of things do you freeze? - Margy


  1. Excellent idea for soup starters, Margy. Your photo of peppers and tomatoes in buckets is beautiful. I love the colors.


    PS -- Thanks for visiting Su Lin in her tree. I wouldn't want to have been you, taking kids to the LA Zoo. I'd be terrified the whole time. Do you tie them all together on a rope, I hope? ;~)

  2. I froze a bumper crop of rhubarb yesterday. Thanks for this great suggestion regarding the soup starters...I may just do that with all the peppers I harvested yesterday!

    Happy harvesting!

  3. Great idea, thank you x

  4. I freeze lots since I haven't graduated to canner yet. :) In my freezer right now is broccoli, cauliflower, sliced peppers, zucchini (grated, chunked and sliced), snow peas, sweet peas, green and wax beans, dried cherry tomatoes, roasted tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, peaches and (marked down) bananas. There will probably be a few more items to add before winter hits. I love being able to pull together a delicious meal in the middle of the winter all from the freezer. So comforting.

  5. How timely, as I have exactly the same dilemma this year...leaving shortly for a vacation, and a ton of tomatoes to contend with...never thought you could just freeze them...but I definitely will now! Thanks!

  6. I cut into bite size peices and then freeze my zucchini, eggplant and tomatoes which I use for my own use as well as at the diner, makes great soup with little work.

  7. Do you blanch you veggies before you freeze them? I find the processing of fresh veg, even when blanching a much easier way then to can preserve. Canning can be very time, and energy consuming plus there are usually many more ingredients you need to buy. Besides my family do not eat much jam, salsa or pickles to make it really worth the effort to can. I like freezing I have decided. Just works better for me.



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