Saturday, May 05, 2018

Float Cabin Living: What Do You DO?

Sometimes it's hard to find time to just relax.
What do you DO with all your time? There's never ENOUGH ! We love to be at our float cabin on Powell Lake, but there are lots of things that keep us busy in Powell River like clubs, civic events, quadding, hiking and boating. But of all our activities, we love being at our cabin best.

What do we do when we're up the lake? Here's just a few:
    • Weather Watching. Unlike the city, we are more aware of changes in weather. Our HDTV sliding glass door gives us full view day and night. Plus, Wayne has all his "weather toys" to follow the trends.
    The author at work.
    • Writing. Cabin life generates stories and a unique space for Wayne to write. I write grants in my consulting business and this blog about off-the-grid living.
    • Reading. There's nothing better than a warm sunny day on the deck or a cold winter night by the fire to enjoy a good book. Wayne is a scifi fan and I like local books and memoirs. Using Kindles with built-in reading lights makes night reading so easy.
    The Hewescraft parked at home.
    • Boating. The cabin floats on Powell Lake, so there's lots of places to explore by boat and kayak. For local jaunts we like to use our 14' tin boat. Our 22' Hewescraft makes lake travel safer.
    Snowshoeing up Chippewa Main.
    • Hiking. Loggers have built many roads to their timber lots along the lake. On weekends or when logging isn't active these make excellent hiking trails. In winter, boots can be exchanged for snowshoes. The Sunshine Coast Trail can be accessed from Powell Lake in several locations.
    • Fishing. Whether it is from the cabin deck or trolling, fishing is fun. Every summer night fish tease us by jumping inside our log boom. But, oh, are they wily fish.
    Enjoying the backcountry.
    Of course, there's taking a sunbath on a warm summer day followed by a swim in the lake. Nothing feels better than that!

    So, as you can see, the question should have been -- How do you find enough time to do all that you do at the cabin? -- Margy


    1. Sounds so very much like Greek-life. Always something to do and the days just seem to be gone as quickly as they begin! Loved this look at life there.

      1. Living in a new and different place can be like that. There's always something that needs to be done to make it into a home. - Margy


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