Friday, May 11, 2018

Float Cabin Living: Why do you live in a float cabin?

In 2001, Wayne and I discovered our float cabin on Powell Lake in Coastal BC.  In the beginning we could only be here on school holidays since we were both educators. Now we can be in our off-the-grid cabin home about 75% of the year in all seasons.

Logging Camp Photo: Powell River Museum
During the heydey of logging along the BC coast floating cabins and shops were common. They were used for remote camps to provide homes and work platforms up rugged inlets and on large lakes. Today float cabins are used on fish farms and for remote off the grid living.

Float Cabin Photo: Powell River Museum
On Powell Lake the original float cabins were simple homes, economical getaways for mill workers, or logging camps dating back to the early 1900s.

Currently there are about 250 float cabins on Powell Lake. They're spread along the 480 kilometres (300 miles) of shoreline. That makes most locations private.

Why did we choose this lifestyle?
  • It's unique.
  • Float cabins are a part of coastal history.
  • We wanted a place to retire that was different from our city life.
  • It's remote and uncrowded. 
  • We are surrounded by nature.
  • We get to enjoy the seasons.
  • We are off the grid. 
  • We can live a simple, tiny home lifestyle.
  • We like boating to our water access only home.
  • Town is only 25 minutes away for resupply.
  • There's a distributed community for support and friendship.
  • It was love at first sight.
Here's a YouTube video produced by Kirsten Dirksen from my own footage that tells our story.

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Have you ever discovered a place that captured your imagination and heart? -- Margy


  1. I really enjoy your cabin. I enjoy reading about it!

    1. Thanks Jenn. You are a faithful blog reader. - Margy

  2. What a cool thing. Never heard of a float cabin.

    1. They are sometimes called float homes and are located in marinas on rivers, lakes and ocean. Some famous areas include Seattle, WA, and Sausalito, CA. - Margy

    2. I always thought I'd want a houseboat, now I want a float home :)


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