Saturday, September 28, 2013

Hewescraft Ocean Pro

There's nothing like a new boat. Not just new to us, but brand new. We said we would never purchase a new boat again, you usually get more bang for your buck with a gently used boat. But we fell in love with the Hewescraft Ocean Pro, but none were available locally on the used market. We saw that as a good sign.

The Hewescraft is fun to use to take lake day trips, but our reasoning was to get a boat that was safer to use in the winter going to and from our float cabin home.  Powell Lake is about 51 kilometres (32 miles) long and over 300 metres (1000 feet) deep in places. During storm winds, waves over three feet high can kick up.

While we wouldn't try to get up or down the lake in severe conditions, even smaller waves in our old Campion runabout felt uncomfortable. We made a perfect choice!

And Stick Tail gives his five claws up "paw of approval" for the new Hewescraft. He usually doesn't like traveling in vehicles, but in the new boat he can sit on the dash and easily see out of the large windows and watch the lake and forest pass by.

Would you be interested in an aluminum welded boat by Hewescraft? These skookum (strong) boats come in a variety of sizes and styles. We found the best deal at Tom-n-Jerrys Boat Center in Mount Vernon, WA. Ask for Lee, he set us up with a great deal, and a great boat! -- Margy


  1. Looks like a nice boat to have. What does it look like inside it? Stick looks happy on your boat.

  2. That looks a great boat. You must have good all round vision through that windscreen. It also looks like it has a lot of character, what it's name? Thanks for all your comments on my blog. I often end up catching up on my blog reading xxx

  3. I like that boat Margy. I would even let you guys take me for a tour on the lake in that baby.

  4. Hey all - Come on over to Powell River and we'll take you for a boat ride.

    Stephanie - The inside has two very nice seats for the driver and passenger. There are also two bench seats on each side behind them for addition passengers and lots of storage underneath. They can be made into a small double bed if needed, but there's no galley or head. It is intended to be a day fishing boat, so things are pretty basic.

    Fran - She hasn't earned a name yet other than "The Hewescraft." Maybe some memorable adventure will give her a moniker.


  5. I adore the way you think about the cat!!!!
    We bought a new car. It's great having something new. The cats are never thrilled getting into the car, though!

  6. Jennifer - Stick hates cars too, but he seems to enjoy the boat when he can see out from the protection of his travel case. - Margy

  7. Congrats on owning a new boat! She’s a sight to behold, so it’s no surprise that you fell in love with her immediately, and you had to break your vow that you’ll never purchase a boat again. Even your cat, who hates being in a vehicle, loves her. Have you finally given her a name?

    Kent Garner @ Whites Marine Center

  8. Kent - She is just called the Hewescraft for simplicity. Our naming structure is pretty simple, but works for us. Sorry to say our cat is no longer with us, but did enjoy watching the trees and shore go by as we sped up the lake to our float home. - Margy


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