Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Stocking Up the Woodpile

Living off the grid has a lot of joys. It makes our environmental footprint less, we live a simple lifestyle, and it challenges us to do things differently. The cold months will soon be here, and our heat is 100% from wood. Our Kozi woodstove does a great job, but it needs lots of wood.

Summer through fall we gather wood. Most floats up to our cabin begging to be captured. Our first choice is chunks already woodstove size. Our second is larger pieces that need splitting. Because we see lots of wood on its way down the lake, we can be choosy.

Our cedar log float is instrumental in our wood gathering and processing process. We can tow it to a location to pick up wood, store collected wood until cutting, and it even serves as a cutting platform that can be placed directly across from our woodshed float.

The key component of our wood storage system is our floating woodshed. The storage float keeps the weight off our cabin's float, yet keeps the wood handy for restocking our small indoor wood storage shelf. Now all we need to do is saw the last lengths to split and dry. That will fill the float to the brim and keep us Kozi warm for months to come. -- Margy


  1. betty6:04 PM

    I looked at your two off the grid living things they are very informative. I love a good wood fire,but I am glad I don't have to chop wood any more. I do wish we had a pellet stove.

  2. There is much work, isn't there. But good work, isn't it? I stacked mine in July@

  3. Betty - We used a pellet stove once at a B&B. It was OK, but I love the crackle of burning wood.

    Jenn - Yes, it is good work. It's like putting money in the bank.