Saturday, April 16, 2016

Painted Rock Turtle

Kobe the Turtle before his new coat of paint.
On a warm summer day in 2012, our good friend John came by for a swim in our natural swimming pool behind the cabin.  He dove down and brought up a large, heavy chunk of granite and placed it on the stump in our pool. The rock spoke to me. I got out my acrylic paints and released its inner turtle.

Refreshed Kobe the Turtle on his cedar log pedestal.

Four years of rain, wind, snow and sun have taken their toll. Rather than retirement like his namesake, it was time to give Kobe the Turtle (read Release Your Inner Turtle to learn why) a fresh coat of colour.

After several coats of protective clear acrylic spray Kobe was ready to retake his place of honour on the cedar log pedestal at the corner of the transition float. From here he can monitor activity in Hole in the Wall and at our float cabin home.

Do you do rock painting. What are some of your projects? -- Margy


  1. Love Kobe - glad he's been refreshed. I have a bunch of rocks I want to paint - want to do some mandalas, also garden markers for peas,carrots, herbs, etc and maybe some critters. Guess I have to get busy at it, eh? I have made lady bugs - those are fun - in all sizes. I think my inner turtle has been released - at least I'm moving a bit slower and enjoying the journey.

    1. I've searched for rocks that match what I want to paint, but this one just spoke to me. - Margy


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