Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Float Cabin Living - What Do You DO?

What do you DO with all your time? -- The "Final Answer" is . . .

There's never ENOUGH time! We love to be at our float cabin on Powell Lake, but are limited to six months a year due to our visitor status. Secondly, when we are in Powell River, there are lots of things that keep us busy like quadding, hiking, biking, flying and boating. But of all our "activities," we love being at our cabin best. What do we do when we're there? Here's just a few:

  1. Cabin maintenance. If you stay ahead of things, problems are diminished. This summer we will finish painting the exterior, shed and stairway.
  2. New projects. John does most of these, but we "assist." Next we would like to install a "real" bathtub in the "junk" room. We'll have to haul and boil water, but it should feel great on a cold winter night. John is used to our "harebrained" ideas.
  3. Wood gathering and splitting. We gather and split wood in spring and summer to get it ready for winter and keep it on the wood storage float until needed.
  4. Weather Watching. Unlike the city, we are more aware of changes in weather. Our HDTV sliding glass door gives us full view day and night. Plus, Wayne has all his "weather toys" to follow the trends.
  5. Writing. Living at the cabin generates lots of stories as well as a unique space for a writer's retreat for Wayne to work on his books. I also use the solitude to write grants and reports related to my consulting business.
  6. Reading. There's nothing better than a warm sunny day on the deck or a cold winter night by the fire to enjoy a good book.
  7. Boating. The cabin floats on Powell Lake, so there's lots of places to exlore by boat and kayak. For local jaunts we like to use our 14' tin boat.
  8. Hiking. Loggers have built many roads to their timber lots along the lake. On weekends or when logging isn't active these make excellent hiking trails. In winter, boots can be exchanged for snowshoes.
  9. Crafts. This is one activity that is a Margy thing. I like to paint with acrylics on things like jars, buckets and rocks.
  10. Gardening. Wayne helps me keep my garden float and upper land-based garden ready to produce delicious vegies for our summer and fall meals.
  11. Cooking. Wayne is the main cook at the cabin with the BBQ going all year round. Winter is cooking time for me when I experiment with baking on my wood-burning stove.
  12. Fishing. Whether it is from the cabin deck or trolling, fishing is fun. Every summer night fish tease us by jumping inside our log boom. But, oh, are they wily fish.
Of course, there's taking a sunbath on a warm summer day followed by a swim in the lake. Nothing feels better than that! So, as you can see, the question should have been -- How do you find enough time to do all that you do at the cabin?

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