Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Western Forest Products Forest Tour

Whose forests are they anyway? Our friend always says that. Well, a tour with a local logging company last weekend proved they belong to all of us.

Western Forest Products conducts a free forestry tour every year. It is part of a larger celebration of our country's forests called National Forestry Week. As one of our greatest natural resources, it was interesting to learn how it is managed, protected, and enjoyed.

The tour was led by Stuart and Nancy from Western Forest Products Sillwater Division here in Powell River.

Two buses and drivers from School District 47 took about 75 people on an activity and information packed day.

We learned about working and playing in the Working Forest. We learned about forest forest management for sustainability, planning, seedlings, stock types, and partnerships with local organizations in an Advisory Group capacity. We even got a short hike on the Sunshine Coast Trail that passes through their tree license area. Lunch was at the Horseshoe Lake Powell River Canoe Route campsite, also within the working forest.

The afternoon was the highlight for me. In addition to stopping at the Lois Lake Fish Farm, we got to witness active harvesting and windfirming (protecting remaining trees from wind damage). Tilt Contracting and Oceanview Helicopters were on hand to demonstrate using their big machines and chopper.

Thank you to Western Forest Products for this annual even to give back to the community in which they operate, and for taking care of our forests for now and the future.

Ferns and Fallers is a publication by Powell River Living Magazine that highlights the partnership between the logging and recreational communities in and around Powell River.

Get out and enjoy your own forest, no matter where you may live. -- Margy


  1. These tours look very interesting. We don't have any activities here that are similar, but I'm sure I would love to go on a tour like this.

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  2. Looks like a very interesting tour.

  3. Thanks for stopping by to comment. It was a great tour, and enjoyed the other participants. Many were long time residents and former loggers. Listening to them talk about the old days was really interesting. - Margy


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