Friday, September 19, 2014


What a difference a week can make. Now it's cloudy and rainy, but last week we took our barge out on a warm sunny day.

Sandy beach near Dunn Dock on Powell Lake.

Rather than stopping at a logging barge ramp like we usually do, we beached ourselves on a sandy shore.

John shows us the old winch in March 2008

We hiked the shoreline looking for the old road with a rusting winch from early logging days. Winches were used to haul logs and equipment up and down the steep slopes along the shore of Powell Lake. The road was too grown over to explore in our shorts and water shoes.

We'll return another day to see if it's still there.

On the way home we used the good weather for some quad seat fishing. No bites, but I caught some really good rays. -- Margy


  1. The weather was so nice last week. We are still dying for more rain though - total water restriction on in the Comox Valley. It is sprinkling today but not enough to make a difference. Pretty shots! I love any day on the water.

  2. We had a pretty good rain down south of the border on Tuesday night and Wednesday. Since then it's just been drizzly. Not sure what happened at home. We'll be back by Monday. - Margy

  3. Gorgeous scenery with the blue skies. The weather has been great here as well.

  4. Looks like you enjoyed yourselves. Love that bright blue sky!

  5. Ahh yes - our rains seem to have returned - though they are calling for 80 and sunny on Sunday - I'm sure we'll be heading out someplace that day.

    Love the quad seat fishing picture.

  6. It all looks so beautiful, your barge is fab and terrific that you can just beach it when you want xxx

  7. Fran - A barge of a different kind for sure. A bit smaller than yours. - Margy


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