Friday, September 05, 2014

iPad with ForeFlight for Pilots

On our recent flying camping trip in 997, the weather was warm, but a bit hazy. That was a good excuse to practice our IFR (instrument flight rules) procedures.

And on this trip, Wayne had a new "third-in-command."  On the ForeFlight website they call it second-in-command, but that's my role and I'm not giving it up.

In anticipation of avionics upgrades, Wayne purchased an iPad and loaded the ForeFlight mobile app.

ForeFlight is a full screen VFR (visual flight rules) and IFR (instrument flight rules) map and chart program.  There are weather overlays with Internet access or an ADS-B data receiver/transmitter in the plane.

There's airport data and diagrams, and if you get the Pro version, you can follow your airplane symbol on the diagrams and approach plates. That's really handy for IFR flights and navigating taxiways at unfamiliar airports.

Other features for flight planning away from home include weather and pilot reports that are available with Internet access.

ForeFlight is a great assistant, but it can also be a distraction for a solo pilot. There's a big temptation to keep your eyes on the screen and not outside where they are needed to watch for traffic. But with two pilots on board, having a third-in-command comes in really handy. -- Margy


  1. I love technology - and even though I don't have a plane, this looks like a great program.

  2. Technology always amazes me as to how clever it is. Comparing it with our sailing programmes there are a lot of similarities, it looks great xxx

  3. Interesting info on the newest technology.

  4. Technology now reaches so many parts of our lives, you can't get away from it, so I guess it is better to use it to the fullest. Even my fridge has a computer chip. It's only seven years old, but they don't make the part any more. Now that's obsolescence for you. My old "stupid" fridge lasted over 25 years with no service needed. - Margy


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