Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Goat Lake Quad Ride

Wayne and I took our barge and quads to the head of Goat Lake for an overnight stay and quad ride.

While there is a good barge ramp at this location, there's no dock.

Nearby Goat Main allows vehicles to drive to and from logging areas to transport people, equipment, and logs.

We left Hole in the Wall with ourbarge and our tin boat in tow. The small boat would allow us to explore Goat Lake and fish in the evenings.

We offloaded our quada and parked them on the ramp.

Because there was no dock, we hand lined the barge and tied it between a large rock on shore and a sturdy snag just off shore.

The first day we rode north on Goat Main. We followed the Eldred River and went to the junction with Diane Main with active heli-logging going.

Here we saw the helicopter used to transport loggers into the bush.

We met the crew boss who explained heli-logging. First a helipad is constructed from downed trees. Loggers are flown in to top them trees, then the trunks are cut almost through, ready for helicopter extraction. It's an expensive process, but the value makes it profitable.  Here's a video about a similar process.

The next day we went south towards a lookout overlooking Goat Lake.

We set up our tent on the barge deck and used the front portion for lounging and cooking our meals. One ramp reached shore so we could easily walk off.

The next morning we saw the first load of logs coming down from Diane Main's heli-logging.

Those were some good sized trees. -- Margy


  1. It is a different and fascinating world in the bush.

  2. Anonymous10:29 AM

    amazing scenery

  3. Great photos and the logging operations are really interesting. The water looks beautiful but I am guessing that it is not as warm as I would enjoy!

  4. Gorgeous scenery and very informative on the logging story.

  5. Glad everyone enjoyed the logging information. The video was a real eye opener for me. - Margy


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