Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Coastal BC Fungi: Orange Jelly Fungus

Orange Jelly Fungus

Take a hike in the forest and you might find some Orange Jelly Fungus.

Orange Jelly Fungus is a very appropriate common name. It looks just like orange marmalade oozing from the cracks in a log. Another common name is Witch's Butter. Dacrymyces palmatus is its scientific name. The website says it's edible, but I think I'll pass and not spread it as butter or jelly on my toast.

(Never eat a mushroom or fungus unless you are absolutely certain of its identity. There are many look-alike varieties, and some are poisonous.) -- Margy
unless you are absolutely certain of its identity!


  1. I have seen these, but never knew the name. Great pic.
    Happy ABCW!

  2. I'll pass on it as a spread too!


  3. Thanks for visiting this week. - Margy


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