Thursday, March 06, 2014

Cabin Baking: Sourdough Croutons

Tuesday I wrote about sourdough bread. I love to bake, but don't do it often. Wayne and I are watching what we eat, so it takes a long time to get through a large loaf.

Croutons are one way to enjoy bread without eating a lot at one time.  And croutons baked to a crunchy hardness last for a long time.

My recipe is simple. Slice sourdough bread. Spread lightly with margarine. Sprinkle with garlic powder, salt and paprika. Cut into cubes and bake at 250 degrees. When golden brown and crunchy they're done. In addition to salad toppers, they make a tasty snack. Yum!

What kinds of things do you do to extend the life of extra bread? -- Margy


  1. Your croutons look really tasty and I just happen have some sourdough bread that needs to be used up. Last week I used the last few slices of two rustic loaves we had made - one made with cheese and another made with roasted garlic. The slices had been buttered and toasted under the broiler for dinner a couple days earlier. I tossed them into the food processor for a few spins and then used them to top macaroni and cheese. Turned out great - very comforting, too. (Made the mac and cheese with winter squash added to it - makes it creamy and takes less cheese so we can indulge!)

  2. French toast now and then is a lovely treat for old bread, and of course there is bread pudding. I bake it in individual baking dishes - just the right size for a snack or a light dessert.

  3. I make bread crumbs with leftover bread and freeze them in baggies for future recipes.

  4. 2 Tramps - The macaroni and cheese sounds interesting. The squash must give it a sweet nutty flavour.

    JoAnn - I love French toast. I haven't made it in a long time. I've never made bread pudding, but that would be a good thing to try. We always end up with extra bread that I hate to throw away.

    Stephanie - I need to find a manual food mill I can use at the cabin. I guess I could use a rolling pin if the bread was really crispy. I love a challenge.



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