Saturday, March 15, 2014

Float Cabin Anchor Cable Repair Part 3

This was the last step in replacing the float cabin anchor cable. Once Wayne pulled the tin boat all the way across to the cliff, he jumped out to carry the free end up to the anchor bolt that had a welded eye large enough to receive the thick cable.

John joined Wayne and they pulled the cable through the eye until it had the proper amount of slack. You don't want it too tight because it would create excessive tension during wind storms, and there wouldn't be enough slack for changes in the lake's water level. You don't want it too loose or the cabin's position wouldn't be right, and it would swing too much on windy days. John's trained eye can tell just the right amount of swag.

Wayne held the cable in place as John installed two cable clamps. Tightened "John tight" with a socket wrench they won't be slipping or coming off during even the worst storms. The last thing was to remove the cable from the log and let it fall into place. Perfect!

Job well done by two hefty men, and two supervisors from the cabin deck. I was one (behind the camera) ...

and Bro took up his usual pose of authority. Nothing gets past his eagle eye, especially a sardine covered kibble dish. -- Margy

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  1. Sounds like hard work and a job well done. That moss in rocks is gorgeous; I love the contradiction of the smooth water, the rough rocks and the soft moss and lets not forget the two hefty (your word) men :)


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