Monday, March 17, 2014

Float Cabin Anchor Cable Repair Part 2

The hard part came next. Fortunately, John had already strung a rope across the water to the bolt anchored into the granite wall.

John wound the rest of the cable into a tin boat while Wayne feed it to him, avoiding any twists.

Wayne used the rope to pull the tin boat over to the rock wall while John let out the steel cable. It's important not to let it sink to the bottom. It could snag on sunken logs or rocks. The process was a balance between slowly extending the cable and pulling it across.

John used a stray log as an attachment point for extra buoyancy.  It just happened to be floating next to the cabin. John is such a resourceful guy. He can think things out in his head on the fly. A log, a hammer, a staple, and a piece of rope transformed into a mechanical advantage.

Finally they reached the other side.  Come back tomorrow to see the last step. -- Margy


  1. Great images in what to be done to repair the cable.

  2. Looks like cold, windy - um, I mean manly work. Good job guys!

  3. Certainly a tricky business, but they look like they are doing a great job xxx


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