Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Haslam Lake, British Columbia

Powell River, British Columbia, is surrounded by lakes large and small. Drinking water for the city comes from nearby Haslam Lake. For that reason, access is limited to non-motorized boats including canoes and kayaks.

Wayne and I enjoyed an overnight kayak trip on Haslam Lake. We launched at the south end and parked our car in a turnout on the nearby Duck Lake Forest Service Road. Like many other lakes in the area, Haslam Lake has a long logging history. Float camps and a long gone railroad served the early 1900s forest industry.

You can reach the head of Haslam Lake by water or ATV following forest service roads, logging roads, and hand cut trails. On our trip, our good friend John and his dog Bro met us for lunch and a swim. Bro enjoyed hunting for frogs in the warm shallow water.

Near the head of the lake are several small islands.

One has a primitive campsite. That's where Wayne and I spent the night. One warning, the bottom is covered with decaying debris, a perfect habitat for leeches. Wayne learned the hard way. But it was a small price (easy for me to say) to pay for an evening under a sky littered with brilliant stars.

Powell River has many such places to explore and experience. Come visit and discover all that we have to offer. -- Margy


  1. Looks great! Too bad about the leeches.

  2. Glad you had a good time. But with my bad back, there's no way I'm tenting these days! lol

    abcw team

  3. Lovely photos - looks like the perfect place to relax - if you can avoid swimming with the leeches.

  4. What a gorgeous place, Margy! Spending the night in that lovely island must be so relaxing! At least fir you, that is... ;) I love camping, although I don't do it for decades.


  5. It's almost time for lake fun, looks like a wonderful place for relaxing time.

  6. Stephanie - It was standing around in the water that allowed the leeches to get attached. We had been swimming off and on all day without a problem. But it was a bit scary.

    Ann - I can't wait! But the water is still bone chilling at the cabin. It'll be June before I get in.



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