Sunday, October 06, 2013


On calm days, it can be very tranquil out in First Narrows.

Gentle ripples in the water become mirrors to reflect the sky.

They make a picture better than any artist could create.

Here are the ripples in action. -- Margy


  1. Your water shots are exquisite to look at.

  2. Cool nice watershots, cool video, nature is wonderfull for people can stop on it! have a nice day!

  3. So beautiful especially against the backdrop of the mountains. Perfect xxx

  4. Any day is a nice day to be "up the lake".

  5. Beautiful Margy. I didn't get around to watching the video yet as I am kind of at my internet usage limit for the time being. But the pictures are pretty darned nice. It wouldn't surprise me one bit that I could be gliding along the Powell lake waters some day in a canoe. I do realize that at times the waters can get pretty rough, but it looks like it would be a nice trip and totally worth the risk.

  6. I absolutely love ripples in the abstract and soothing at the same time! Add the sound of the water gently splashing against your place and the shore...magical!

  7. Thanks everyone for the comments.

    Frugal - We have a famous canoe route aptly named the Powell River Canoe Route. It follows a string of lakes through the back country. The portages can be a bit tough if you have a big canoe, but most of the lakes can be accessed individually by car or truck to explore.



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