Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Steam Fog

These are terms for fog that forms over water. Over salt water it's called sea smoke, over fresh water it is called steam fog.  It happens when colder air moves over warmer water.  This time of year, you can see steam fog rising from John's back bay and moving out over the lake's surface.

Recently, when we had a sudden thunderstorm with hail, steam fog formed immediately after the deluge stopped.  Even with the hail melting on the lake's surface, the air through which it passed must have cooled even more.

I love living up the lake and close to nature. You see so many interesting things. -- Margy


  1. It is beautiful! I've great memories of foggy days at our lake.

  2. The video is wonderful - I love this kind of fog. We get it often on our nearby lake.

  3. Thanks everyone for stopping by and commenting on My World post this week. The weather has changed and the fog is gone - for now. - Margy


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