Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Everyone Needs a Little Sunshine

You know we love our float cabin home in all seasons, but everyone needs a little sunshine when the clouds and rain roll in. Many Canadians become Snowbirds in the winter months. They head out in RVs or to part-time residences in places like Southern California and Arizona. We wouldn't leave our cabin home for a five or six month stay elsewhere, but a long weekend trip makes a nice sunny interlude.

Last weekend we followed the USC Football Team to Tempe, Arizona, to battle with the Arizona State University Sun Devils. We arrived three days early to get some fun in the sun, and a mega-dose of Mother Nature's Vitamin D.  We took a desert walk at nearby Papago Park with a quick visit to the Desert Botanical Garden. And of course worked on maintaining our Powell Lake summer tans.

We went to a pep rally before the game at Depot Cantina, especially to hear the USC Marching Band. That was quite the place with USC and ASU parties next to each other.  Then it was a short walk to the stadium. This year it was a night game, so we didn't have to bake in the sun. But it was hot on the field, with ASU winning 62 to 41.  Even so, it was a good game. Fight on, Trojans!

We're heading home to some typical fall weather, clouds and rain with a little wind mixed in. We plan to take a few trips like this throughout the winter to keep our spirits bright. But still, there's no place like home! -- Margy


  1. Did you leave Stick Tail with John and Bro?
    I love the cactus photo and the desert landscape. I've probably told you my parents spent some 30 winters in Mexico's Baja, which looks a lot like this, without the football.
    Glad you had a good time, and got your tans refreshed. You're right, not much opportunity to do that for a while.
    Thanks for sharing your trip to the desert.

  2. Lucky you to get some sun. The weather is terrible today.

  3. The desert in late autumn and winter is a grand place to be - sunshine when others have rain and wind - but true, there is no place like home, be it ever so soggy.

  4. I agree that there is no place like home though it is sure nice to get some sunshine in. I don't think I could go away for 3-6 months a year but a week here and there over the cold rainy months would be nice.

  5. Kay - Stick stayed with our good friend Jeanne. She's a neighbour and cat lover. I'm afraid that Bro (John's dog) would have wanted to invite Stick to lunch, as the main course that is.

    You guys are right, it's nice to get away to the sun when the weather is bad at home. But I agree, Joyful, I wouldn't want to leave for that much time at once.



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