Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Teapot Treasure

As you know, I love to visit thrift stores. I always go to the Hospital Auxiliary Economy Shop when I'm in town on a weekday, but on Saturdays, the MCC Thrift Store is open. It's operated by the Mennonite Central Committee and profits are used worldwide to help provide basic human needs such as water, food, shelter, education, and health care. It's a good addition to our thrift store options in town.

I always carry a list of items I need at the cabin and watch the thrift store shelves. For the last month, I've had "teapot" on my list. The evenings are cooler and I enjoy a cup of camomile tea before going to bed. I have a coffee pot and two additional pots I use to boil water for drinking and cooking, but I hate to tie up one of those for my evening tea.

I wasn't picky about what could work as a teapot, but last week I found the perfect one at the MCC Thrift Store. It only cost 50 cents, and a bit of Comet made it looking like new inside and out. Whether I'm using the propane range or woodstove heat, it keeps my tea warm and ready to drink throughout the evening.

Have you found any thrift store treasures lately? -- Margy


  1. I hit the jackpot at thrift stores this past weekend - lovely dishes - teacup - teapots - pretties for the house. I haven't been for months and enjoyed it so much. Everything is washed and put away - ready to be used for autumn dinners and parties.

    Now if I just had a wood stove I could keep my pot of tea nice and warm all evening.

  2. Anonymous3:00 PM

    That is a great little teapot, perfect for on top of the woodstove. I've haven't been thrifting in awhile. The last thing I got was a hard cover book. Complete Guide to Needlework for $1.

  3. I do love your spirit. I don't think I could do a house boat, but I'm very happy to share yours!!!!
    Cheers from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  4. Perfect teapot! That fire looks so welcoming.

  5. JoAnn - Good for you. One time I found two complete sets of Melmac dishes, one for the cabin and one for the condo - sweet.

    Linda - I love the books at the Economy Shop, they are only 25 cents for paperback and 50 for hard back. Can't pass up the book aisle every time I go in.

    Jennifer - Thanks, it is such a relaxed life. We came to town for one night and I'm already going crazy.

    Stephanie - I love leaving it warming on the woodstove, ready to pour when the cup is empty.


  6. Love your new (old) tea pot! I haven't been to a thrift store lately, but I did just get a new (old) tiger oak secretary w/ bookshelf at an antique store for a good deal...it wasn't 50 cents though, LOL!


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