Sunday, April 21, 2013

Welcome Home Stumpy

Last winter we lost two stumps from the log boom in front of our float cabin. The boom provides protection from wind waves and boat wakes. The stumps are decorative, but the deep roots also help settle rough water. It's a sad day when we lose a stump.

We assumed the stumps floated down the lake to the dam that generates electricity for the paper mill in Powell River. There, the salvage guy gathers floating wood for removal. Last week after a trip to town we were shocked to see the stump that broke loose last December. We grabbed its broken rope still attached to the heavy metal staple on the trunk end. Using our Campion runabout, we towed our wayward stump back home to his rightful place.

We thought that was amazing, but what happened next was beyond belief. Back in January I wrote about Stumpy. We saw him get away, but weren't able to tow him home because of his unusual shape. We bid him goodbye, thinking he never would return. Then lo and behold, there he was floating right back to us from the Narrows.

We let the current and breeze bring Stumpy home.  Then, with just a little nudging with the bow of our boat, we got him back in place on the log boom. Stumpy has the deepest root structure, so his spot in the middle is an important one.

But his buddies immediately gave him the cold (and rainy) shoulder.

It's not nice to run away from home.  Hopefully Stumpy has learned his lesson. -- Margy


  1. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Stumpy just went out for an adventure and then decided he liked it better at your place and returned.
    Great you got them both back.

  2. You may have to carve your telephone number into stumpy for the next time he strays!

  3. I've followed your blogposts for quite some time and am guilty of not commenting, but I really really enjoy your blog. It is so interesting... Thank you.

  4. Thanks all for stopping by to comment today.

    Welcome Wendy - Thanks for the compliment and taking the time to let me know you enjoy the blog.


  5. Linda - There's no place like home, eh?

    Cheapchick - I've seen that on boom logs before. They are quite valuable (and expensive) to lose. Sort or like Scotchmen on prawn traps as well.



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