Thursday, April 18, 2013

Barrel Cowboys

Another side effect of storm winds is bouncing cabin floats. As the wind builds, so do wind waves.  Hole in the Wall may be in a protected bay, but we can still get waves several feet high, especially on John's side of the bay during a clearing northwest blow.

During the recent storm, one of John's barrels popped out from under his cabin and we found it floating in his back bay.  Wayne "lassoed" the barrel with a rope and John tipped it with a pipe pole to empty the water trapped inside.

Once empty, they could lift the barrel onto the float to store until the water warms and it can be reinserted under the cabin float.  Several years ago we added barrels under our woodshed float. Here's a video about how it's done.

When John comes to work on his float, we'll have him return to our cabin to replace a few of our barrels as well. Float cabin maintenance is an ongoing process. -- Margy


  1. "Barrel cowboys" — perfectly named, Margy!

  2. Kay - Boys will be boys. - Margy


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