Friday, April 05, 2013

Changeable Weather

Early spring brings changeable weather. When you get the chance, you head out exploring.

On one such day John, Wayne, Bro and I took off in the tin boat.

John and Wayne wanted to do trail building in Chippewa Bay. I wanted to explore the old logging camp site exposed by the low lake level at The Point. Bro just wanted to play along the shore and take a nap in the scattered sunshine. -- Margy


  1. Amazing sky, Margy... love it!!

  2. Oh I want to come along with you and explore the old logging sites. Hope you find some artifacts. MB

  3. Water + mountains + sky = pure serenity to me...I really love your picture and can feel myself in the boat, feeling the chill of the waves splashing my face now and then! Great picture:)


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