Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Marine Avenue, Powell River BC

Highway 101 is called the Pan-America Highway because it runs all the way from Canada down to the tip of South America.  Nearby Lund boasts that it's the end (or beginning) of this lengthy intercontinental thruway. But within the limits of Powell River, BC, it's better known as Marine Avenue.

Marine Ave starts in Westview and ends in the Townsite.  There's a lot of history along this roadway. When the Townsite was created for the workers at the papermill in 1910, it was known as Oceanview. In 1959, the name was changed to Marine Avenue.  On the east side are the large homes of Manager's Row that originally housed the papermill's most important employees. Perched above the Strait of Georgia, they had a birds-eye view of the mill below.

As Powell River's population grew, people moved to homestead land north and south of the company owned town. The community that grew to the south was called Westview. The "main drag" became Marine Avenue.  Today you can still see many of the old buildings preserved as stores, restaurants and homes. Thanks to John for sharing this historic picture on Facebook.

Today Marine Avenue is still an important part of life in Powell River. It is the location of important events such as Sea Fair, the Blackberry Street Party, and the Santa Claus Parade.  It is also the home of Powell River Books.

Come take a stroll down Marine Avenue. Maybe I'll see you there. -- Margy


  1. I just might do that, Margy. (pop over) I still haven't managed to get to Powell River, but I aim to some day!

    abcw team

  2. That is one MASSIVE road. Your section is quite nice!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Interesting post, Margy. Maybe Bob and I will one day zip up your way. I would love to. MB

  4. I love those older houses in that area.

  5. Pretty big crowd over there.

    Making catch up with letter M.
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  6. Marine Avenue sounds like an intriguing place! And I love the architecture of those old houses...


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