Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Ocean is Our Front Yard

The ocean is the front yard for Powell River, BC. But up here we call it the salt chuck or just plain chuck. Powell River rises from the shores of the Strait of Georgia.  This protected stretch of ocean runs north from the Canadian border between the southern tip of Vancouver Island and the mainland. It flows past the beautiful Gulf Islands all the way north to the Discovery Islands near Campbell River.

Our ocean is a busy marine highway. Tugs pull heavy loads of containers, sawdust, and logs. They travel day and night in all kinds (and I mean ALL kinds) of weather. From my condo window in Powell River, I can watch the pleasure boats, tugs, cruise ships, and fishing boats passing north and south. It's like a parade, day and night.

You can take ocean adventures on the Strait of Georgia in Wayne's books Up the Strait and Farther Up the Strait. For more information, I invite you to stop by -- Margy


  1. So beautiful, you have something to watch every day, who needs TV xxx

  2. I love the smell of the ocean! It's so distinct and once you are within 5 miles or so you can't miss it! While my girls were growing up, we had a house just a few miles from the ocean, and every time we would return from an out of town trip, as soon as we drove up our road, we would all say "ahh, there's that smell of the ocean!".

  3. I would miss living near the ocean.

  4. Pristine looking beauty. What a special place to live.

  5. Much of the time I wish I lived closer to the ocean. Then something like Sandy comes, and I'm glad to be farther inland.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Fran - Yes it is a lovely view from the condo (when we aren't enjoying our cabin lake view).

    Lise - You still have an ocean connection. They are hard to break.

    Roger - Sandy was terrible, but each area has issues I guess. I lived in Southern California and grew up with earthquakes.



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