Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yaktrax Keep You on Your Feet

Walking on slippery wet, snowy, and icy decks (not to mention docks, sidewalks and roads) can be a huge challenge this time of year. The most recent snowstorm up at the cabin had Wayne and I reaching for our Yaktrax.

Yaktrax Walkers are unique, easy to slip on traction devices for your shoes. They are made in the form of a flexible plastic mesh covered on the bottom with rust resistant metal coils on the bottom.

They work like chains do on a car, making it easier to walk on slippery surfaces.

Wayne leaves his Yaktrax on a spare pair of shoes so they are even easier to put on to go outdoors. While they are meant to be used outdoors, they can be worn inside if you don't have a delicate floor or carpet. That makes them perfect for cabin use.

Yaktrax come in a variety of formats. We have the original Walker version ($20). They also have a Pro version ($30) with over-the-foot straps to hold them in place, an Extreme version ($60) that has mini-chains and spikes on the soles for even better traction, and the new SkiTrax ($20) for use with ski boots.

We've had ours so long I can't remember where we bought them. Check with sporting good stores in your area, or REI or -- Margy


  1. Great idea! Can't get'em here though, closest is Courtenay/Comox, I looked it up.

    For BC retailers see here -

  2. Thanks for the link Paul. I Googled Yaktrax and Canada and only came up with the link. They are so simple but effective. - Margy

  3. What a simple concept! Sounds like a useful item to have on hand. How is life on the snowy lake? Hi to Wayne. Is he working on the next book? Love to visit next time you're in town with "free" time.

  4. What a good idea. Touch wood, we have not have any snow yet this year, but I know what you mean about slippery decks etc xxx

  5. Hi Barb - Right now I am coming home for one week a month. If the weather cooperates (and it has been so far), I go straight from the airport to the cabin. If all goes well, we will be bringing Mom back up in April. I will be there a month with town time to take care of Mom. Maybe that would be a good time to get together. Hope all is progressing well with your son. - Margy

  6. Sounds great...I discovered these for sale right here in Williams Lake! They look excellent. Graham has suggested I use his crampons. But it is so cold outside right now...-41C...that I'll have to wait to go out anyway!

    Thanks for the tip, Margy! xx

  7. I have a pair but not that brand. I got mine at Costco for 10 bucks.

  8. I bought the Cosco version this year - first time using this idea - brilliant investment at $10! Will never venture out dog walking in snow without them now!

  9. Thanks Stephanie and Frostbite and Sunburn - A bargain is always good to know about. - Margy


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