Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rock On with CCRadio

Our float cabin is off the grid. We generate our own electricity using solar, wind, and thermoelectric power, with a back-up gas generator for those short, cloudy winter days. We have chosen not to have television or Internet at our cabin, but we love to listen to the radio.

Wayne did research several years ago and we purchased a CCRadioPlus from the C. Crane Company. It's been a perfect radio for the cabin. It has a built-in battery charger and the four D-cell NiMH rechargeable batteries last for weeks between charges. It has AM, FM, Weather, and TV audio channels. Of course, the TV reception will discontinue once the digital transition is complete.

We decided to treat ourselves to a new CCRadio-2 for Christmas. The old one will stay upstairs, and the new one will be for downstairs and outdoors use. The models are similar, except TV audio has been replaced with 2-Meter Ham. The built-in battery charger has also been omitted. That was a huge surprise. At least our old model can be used for charging the batteries for both sets.

Some of the CCRadio-2 features include:

  • runs on AC or 4 D-cell batteries for 180 hours of run time
  • AM/FM with excellent reception and sound
  • weather band
  • 2-Meter Ham band
  • headphone jack (Wayne loves to listen to late night CBC)
  • pre-set buttons for easy tuning of favourite stations
  • aux-in jack for portable music devices
  • clock and alarm in LCD panel
We're very happy with this product. We can "rock on" with local SUN.FM or keep up with what's happening worldwide. And of course, the fact that it runs on rechargeable batteries makes it perfect for cabin living.

Do you have any rechargeable devices that you recommend for cabin living? Wayne and I would love to hear your suggestions. -- Margy


  1. This is my first visit, and I admire all you have done. In my younger days we would have loved to have done this.
    I have a question how do you post without the internet?
    Am I missing something?
    Have a wonderful day. We're buried knee deep in snow!

  2. I like the idea of disconnect, not sure if I could really do it. Your cabin looks dreamy!!

  3. Living off the grid isn't for everyone. To me it is like a puzzle and a challenge. That makes it fun, and the surrounding make it all worth it. - Margy


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