Saturday, January 07, 2012

Mr. Heater's Big Buddy

On Tuesday, I shared how propane lights up our nights. Here's another way propane helps us during the winter. We love our wood stove, but at night it burns down and the cabin cools. I'm snug under our big comforter, but Wayne's a night creeper. When he gets up alone, sometimes he uses our propane heater for a warm blast right on his feet as he sits on the sofa downstairs.

We researched portable propane heaters and purchased a Mr. Heater Big Buddy. There are three sizes in the Buddy series, we chose the largest. This model is designed for up to 400 square feet. In addition to the cabin, we use it in Gemini (Wayne's Writer's Retreat boat), and have taken it cruising in our Bayliner for overnight lake trips. The portability is a nice feature.

The Big Buddy has two sides that operate independently to manage the amount of heat. It can hold two 16.04 oz. Coleman propane bottles. For longer (and less costly) operation, it can be connected with a hose to an external 20 lb. tank (located outdoors). Built in safety features include an automatic low oxygen shutoff system, and an accidental tip-over safety shutoff. And it's approved for indoor and outdoor use.

Here's a tool to locate a store near you. In the US try Lowes or Walmart. In Canada try Lordco, then let propane warm you up on a cold winter night. -- Margy


  1. Well it sure is a comfort to be warm at all times.

    I love your watercolor trees. Very pretty.

    Happy New Year to you all. MB

  2. We are happy with our new propane furnace! I love reading about the ins and outs of houseboat life. Fascinating. Hubby looked at living in a houseboat there a couple of wives ago!!!! :-)


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