Monday, January 23, 2012

Saving Socks

Dress around the cabin is pretty casual. Summer is shorts and T-shirts. In winter, I bring out sweatsuits and slipper socks.

I've had this pair for several years now. The tops are fine, but the soles have worn through several times. I've had to patch the holes with cotton cloth inside and out more than once.

A cold spot on the ball of my foot told me I had a new hole developing. I hated to give up just yet, so I decided to give them one more lease on life.

I rummaged in the rag box and found old flannel pillow cases. I used the finished edge and there was just enough cloth in one case to make two new soles that are four layers thick.

I sewed the new soles in place with a tight whip stitch. I turned under all the raw edges, and rounded the square corners into the shape of my foot.

My favourite slipper socks have been saved from the trash. It feels good to put them back in use for another winter season.

Have you saved something lately? How did it make you feel? -- Margy


  1. I love how you used what you had around the cabin to make your socks last longer. Plus they sound comfy and warm! Repurpusing instead of tossing things out is very popular right now, and rightly so. We all need to make better use of earths limited resources. Living away from the city means you think creatively and try to repair, reuse, or repurpose whenever you need something because it's impossible to just run to the nearest superstore to buy a new one. I repurpose all the time too. Love your blog!

  2. How clever! I save too much. I was a pack rat when teaching. But I put out garbage today, 1/2 bag, and 1/2 a bucket of recycling.

  3. Oh, wow, good for you, and for your slipper-socks! I was hoping you'd say you found some old suede pants to use, but this is super.
    Wishing you warm feet until warmer weather!

  4. I had a pair but it was too much mending to fix so we threw it out. I do have a pair of slipper booties I bought from Mark's Work store, only a year old these and already they are tattered beyond repair. I do keep everything though in case I can use it to fix something else. Good on you for doing your part though, nice you still have something warm to wear for another season.

  5. They look lovely and cosy. I had to laugh though with your title I thought you were going to tell us how you use all the odd socks when the washing machine has eaten the other one!

  6. Good job Margy and very clever, they are just perfect for a cold day at the cabin.

  7. Thanks Terria - That's part of the fun of living at the cabin. When I am in the city, life is more complicated and easy. When I am at the cabin, live is harder but less complicated. I like it that way better.

    Jenn - I have become better about getting rid of things I don't need. Living in a smaller space helps.

    Sorry Kay, never had any suede pants. but they would have been a good alternative.

    Stephanie - all of my slipper socks have worn through quickly. I guess muck lucks with a sole would be a better choice the next time around.

    Fran - I have lots of those single socks in my rag box. Some of my uses have been: dust cloth, cleaning cloth (especially the sports socks inside out), woodstove cleaning "sock puppet", and most recently to cover and protect a rubbed sore spot on my Mom's elbow while she sleeps at night.


  8. Thanks Margaret. I'm getting almost as crafty as you are. Well, maybe not as crafty, but working at it. - Margy

  9. Can you get hold of a baby lambskin? That'll do just two soles, unless you take size 16 shoes :-)
    I've just done some, and they are nice and warm inside as well.

  10. I admire your recycling! It especially pays off when you make a favourite something usable for a little longer!

  11. Those slipper socks are wonderful. I love the recycling aspect and not getting rid of a favourite item.

  12. You and I think alike... I salvage a lot of clothing but I don't have such pretty footsey-warmers.


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